Burmese Standing Buddha
Nepalese Buddha
Offering Plate Cambodia
19th c. Burmese Shan Devotees
19th c. Shan Standing
Buddha, Burma
Carved Stone Buddha
Buddhist Votive, Nepal
Old Buddhist Temple
Monk's Offering Plate
18th c. Lead Temple Tile
Burmese Buddha
Burmese 19th c. Manuscript Painting
Burmese Manuscript Painting
18th c. Lanna Inscribed
Buddha - Thailand
19th c. Shan Meditating
Wood Buddha, Burma
Old Lao Earplugs
19th c. Burmese Tattoo Book
Antique Lao Earrings
Old Hmong Earplugs
Old Lao Silver Hilltribe
Earrings, Earplugs, Laos
Old Lao Hmong Silver
Hilltribe Earrings, Earplugs
Old Hmong Lao Silver
Earrings, Earplugs
Burmese Silver Betelnut Box
Burmese Tattoo Manuscript
Hindu Bull Nandii
Wooden Indian Nandi
Old Wooden Shiva Nandi, India
Old Wooden Shiva Nandi, India
19th c. Terracotta Burmese Buddha
Lao Cave Buddha
Antique Nepalese Statue
Nepalese Goddess Image
19th c Terracotta
Buddha, Burma
Antique Wood Hindu Goddess
Carving, Nepal
Antique Carved
Nepalese Goddess

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