Antique Indian Amulet Box
Thai Buddhist Pendant
Antique Indian Goddess Pendant
Hindu Amulet with Garnet
Buddha Amulet
Necklace, Burma
Amulet Box Necklace
Talisman, Nepal, Tibet
Sponge Coral Indonesia
Old Indian Shiva Amulet
Spanish Colonial Llama Pin
Ancient Roman Glass Necklace
Indonesian Raw Sponge
Coral Choker, Beads
Ancient Roman Glass
Bead Necklace
Old Ivory Earplugs
Lao Silver Earrings
Old Lao Earrings
Old Lao Earplugs
Old Lao Silver Earplugs,
Earrings - Laos
Old Lao Hilltribe Silver
Earplugs, Earrings - Laos
Old Lao Silver Earplugs,
Earrings - Laos
Vintage Burmese Silver Comb
Bhutan Coin Necklace
Antique Indian Amulet
Tibetan Bone Bead Necklace
Old Burmese
Silver Hair Comb, Burma
Antique Bhutan Coin
and Serpentine Beads
19th c Indian Amulet
and Black Onyx
Hanuman Amulet Box Necklace
20mm Chinese Turquoise
Silver Buddhist Amulet
Tibetan Gau and Coral
Hanuman Amulet Box
& Serpentine
Sterling Thai Buddha Amulet
Ancient Carnelian and Amulet
Antique Tibetan Beads
Hilltribe Pendant with Aventurine
19th c. Indian Amulet Necklace
Ancient Indian Carnelian
& Silver Goddess Amulet
Antique Tibetan
Glass Beads
Set of Thai Hilltribe Silver
Pendant and Earrings
Old Indian Amulet Box Pendant

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