19th c. Burmese Devottees
Burmese Manuscript
Antique Puppet Head
19th c. Burmese Puppet
19th c. Burmese Monks
Ancient Buddhist Pali Script
19th c. Burmese Buddhist
Parabaik Manuscript
Antique Burmese
Puppet Head on stand, Burma
Burma Oxcart Decoration
18th Century Laotian Buddha Torso
Cambodian Temple Tile
Khmer Cambodian Ganesh Bronze
Old Wooden Burmese Oxcart Decoration
Buddhist Nat on stand, Burma
18th c. Bronze Buddha
Torso - Laos
Antique Laos Temple Tile
on stand, Laotian Buddha
Sumba Wooden Box2133121330
Tree of Life Temple Tile
Niello Case
Antique Buddha from Laos
Sumba Wooden
Money Box, Purse
Antique Laotian Buddhist
Temple Tile, Laos
Antique Laos Buddha
Indonesian Offering Bowl
Excavated Shan Votive Buddhas
Yao/Mien Priest's Mask
Nepalese Box
Rare 19th c. Indonesian
Wood Offering Bowl
Excavated Burmese
Shan Votive Buddhas


Temple Offering Box, Nepal

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