Old Thai, Siam Silver Niello Cigarette Case

This is a beautiful old case to hold cigarettes from Thailand, pre - 1949, when it was still called the Kingdom of Siam. The sterling silver case has a wonderful niello cover featuring the mythological Thai God of Welcome. Niello, or Nielloware is a fine silver technique where each areas of silver are intricately carved out, filled with a combination of sulfur and metal powder and fused over a high heat for a permanent and lustrous finish. The carved niello areas are the blackened parts of the intricate design. The case has a strong clasp and a wonderful hinged "belt" to hold the cigarettes in place. The belt has been stamped with "Stering Made in Siam" with the word sterling mis-spelled - very unique!

This is a wonderful case for a collection, or for use!

Measurements: 3 3/4" x 3 1/4"


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