Tibetan Buddhist Gau

This is a beautiful small metal gau (also spelled ghau or gao) box for amulets from Tibet. Gau boxes are usually filled with protective amuletic items, in this case there are herbs and a prayer or sacred yantra with a piece of protective cloth inside. The back of the gau is copper and the front of the gau, which is cast in a white metal, is embellished with the figure of Chenrezi and two bodhisattvas (bodhisatwa). Chenrezi embodies love, kindness and compassion and has a spiritual prominence in Tibetan Buddhism as the patron bodhisattva of the Tibetan Buddhists. The Dalai Lama is deemed to be the physical manifestation of Chenrezi. Gaus are worn by Tibetan Buddhists as a portable shrine and an amulet for protection. This is a small devotional treasure!

Measurement: 2" high (4.5 cm); weight is 60 grams


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