Fine 19th c. Excavated Burmese Narrative Buddhist Bronze

The Burmese bury devotional Buddhas and narrative bronzes depicting scenes from the life of Buddha within a temple's walls and in the stupas of the temples. This is a fine narrative bronze relic depicting the Buddha Dipankara leading two monks, or devotees, in front of the disciple Sumedha who is laying on the ground in front of the kneeling Yasodhara. The surface of the bronze shows typical roughness from years of burial and the patina on this piece is exceptional with sedimentary deposits that have merged with the metal from years of internment and shows small remnants of the gilt that would have originally graced this piece. There is expected degradation to the bronze from burial, only adding to the powerful nature of this Buddhist depiction.

Measurement: 8" long (20.32 cm)

#21908     $285

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