Excavated Shan Story Buddha

Rare Burmese Illuminated Manuscript, Parabaik

This is a complete manuscript book (Parabaik) from Burma, written in the 19th century on saa, or khoi paper, formed from mulberry pulp. The book incorporates Buddhist teachings, mythology, and studies in astrology and numerology, also known as Ma-Ha-Bote. The antique manuscript consists of 33 connected pages in the traditional fan method written on both sides in Shan script, as well as numerous pages of beautiful drawings and studies. There is some expected age deterioration with the back 4 pages showing the most (photo detail of these pages below) otherwise it is in very good condition. This is a wonderful and rare treasure!

Closed Measurement: 3 5/8" x 8 1/3" (9 cm x 21 cm)

Open Measurement: 8 1/3" x 115" (21 cm x 292 cm)


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