19th c. Spanish Colonial Silver Limosnero, Alms Bowl

This is a beautiful silver antique Limosnero, or alms collection bowl originally from a convent in La Paz, Bolivia, and held recently in a private collection in South America. The limosnero, also referred to as a "demanda", is carried by the nuns in religious processions to collect charitable money from the participants. This alms bowl bears the cast image of the Virgen Santa Maria and the Santo Niño, or Christ Child. The limosnero is heavy (402 grams) and formed from high content silver (sterling or above) and beautifully formed with detailing throughout. The alms or charity bowl is in wonderful condition making this a rare and beautiful treasure of Spanish Colonial art in the new world.

Measurements: 9 1/2 " high (approx. 24.13 cm); 402.5 grams


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