Antique Spanish Colonial Jesus Santo

This is a beautiful depiction of the bound Jesus from South America. The Santo has been carved from wood with some type of stiffened material forming the skirts of Jesus, some of which has worn away from time (detail below). The face of Christ is absolutely beautiful and very moving, with upturned glass eyes adorned with eyelashes, finely detailed painting, and the silver potencias crown. The arms of Christ have been wrapped in a cotton material (when I feel the right arm, the internal metal that secured the arm into the socket feels as if it is out of the arm, however it is secure) and the hands wrapped in a leather cord. The base is wood, the green "stump" feels to be similar to a papier mache or other formed material. The Santo has been dressed in a blue velvet robe (this appears to be a later addition), and could be presented in either manner. There is a repair to His left index finger (detail below), otherwise this fine Santo Jesus is in beautiful condition and a very moving depiction of the Passion of Christ.

Measurement with potencias crown: 18 1/2 " high; 17" without

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